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the website of the Polar Postal History Society of Great Britain (PPHSGB) -the society is open to collectors of Polar Postal History, both Antarctic and Arctic,from all around the world.



A WARM WELCOME to our website, from myself and all the Committee.It is very pleasing to take another step forward in promoting our Society and hobby. Not only widening its appeal, making it easier to join or find information, but most importantly perhaps, have a forum for all members, established or new, to have a 2 way communication with us and each other.I hope you will browse the site, especially the EVENTS page, and see the attractions we can add to your special area of interest – and if you do not find it, tell us. Better still, contact the POLAR POST EDITOR John Youle who is pleased to receive articles to enhance knowledge, pose questions, or simply provide an interesting philatelic story.While I personally specialise in the Scott/Shackleton Expeditions, of the Heroic Age, the rest of the Committee equally show the diverse collecting interests of members generally, from modern Indian Antarctic bases to Whaling mail and studies of cancellations and Expedition Postcards to Thematic or Social History, both North and South.Over the years this diversity has expanded the appeal to collectors from all around the World. Newer subjects such as old Photos, QSL cards, Literature, original letters and maps, now all catch members’ attention.This diversity means we are in touch with most collectors’ sphere of interest and can point enquiries in the right direction.We thus act as a broader fulcrum for collectors who may also have specialist society memberships such as Scandinavian or Thematic where we embrace such interests.If you are interested in either or both of the Polar Regions, North and South, please try us out – the Application form can be downloaded from this site.Please specify your range of interests on the Application, but whatever they are, you will receive a sample past copy of Polar Post on joining, and shared enthusiasm.Welcome again!

Latest News

2018 Events for your Diary

14th to 17th February: Spring Stampex, Business Design Centre, Islington, London, England.

17th February: PPHSGB AGM and Spring Meeting at Spring Stampex in Room “F” from 12:00am to 14:00pm.

The Secretary, Robert Hurst, announces that The Polar Postal History Society will hold its Annual General Meeting on Saturday 17th February 2018 at Spring Stampex, the Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, London, England - N1 0QH. All members of the Society are encouraged to attend and are entitled to vote as necessary. Items for inclusion in the agenda should
be sent to the Secretary, Robert H. HURST, 3 Bletchingley Road, Merstham, Surrey RH1 3HT, by: 1st February 2018. E MAIL:- hurstfamily.robert@ntlworld.com)
We would like to see as many members as possible at the AGM. The Society needs your ideas and comments. If you wish yourself to be put forward or nominate another member for the committee please apply to the Secretary for a nomination form which must be completed and returned by 1st February 2018. Please note that you must have the consent of the member to be nominated and the nominated member must be seconded by another member of the Society.
Following the AGM, there will be a short time for a Bring & Buy Session. Following this, there will be time for displays. Please bring material along with you for display, even just a few sheets. Please inform Robert Hurst in advance if you intend to bring a display with you.

Agenda for the AGM

1. Apologies for Absence 5. Election of Committee
2. Minutes of the Previous AGM held on 18th February 2017 6. Membership Subscription Rates for 2019
3. Matters Arising from the Minutes 7. Any Other Business
4. Reports of Society Officers for 2018

31st May Polar Philatelic Display at the Royal Philatelic Society, London

9th June SWINPEX: Stamp and Postcard Fair, St Joseph’s RC College Swindon 10am - 4pm.

End September - Early October: Polar Postal History Weekend Cambridge.

29 November 2017 - Grosvenor Auction, London

The catalogue of the late Fred Goldberg’s collection of material from Antarctic Expeditions is now available to view at the Grosvenor Auctions website: http://www.grosvenorauctions.com/auctions/sale-detail?id=161

17-18 November 2017Kjell Germeten International Auctions A/S, Oslo

Website: The auction of PPHSGB late member Fred Goldberg’s arctic items in Oslo on 19th November has now been finalised: http://www.germeten.no/frimerkeauksjon-htm/auksjon-92-01.aspx

The auction catalogue is now online if you would like to view it: http://www.germeten.no/pdf-filer/92-ktl-komplett-www06.pdf

Fred Goldberg is featured on page 131 and the philatelic items can be seen on pages 131 to 143 and the polar postcards on pages 13 to 19.

Potential bidders can also bid directly online on the "Fred Goldberg Polar Collection" here: http://auction.germeten.no/no/Auction/100011/Category/101002100010091003

And the polar postcards here (starting at lot 1063): http://auction.germeten.no/no/Auction/100011/Category/101000 


29 November 2017 - Grosvenor Auction, London
Website: http://www.grosvenorauctions.com/auctions
The late Fred Goldberg’s collection of material from Antarctic Expeditions will form part of this auction. For the online catalogue please consult the above website from about a month before the auction.
Two of the important items in the auction are shown at the bottom of page 83 of the September issue of Polar Post. The lot numbers are not yet known. The cover shown to the left was sent by Captain Robert F. Scott to Lady Evans. It was carried by the relief ship S/YMorning to New Zealand and postmarked on the arrival day at Lyttleton March 25th, 1903. The cover also bears the special expedition vignette in the upper left hand corner and the ship name Discovery was inserted by hand.
The right-hand cover was sent from Roald Amundsen to his brother Gustav and was postmarked Buenos Aires 22 April 1911 when S/Y Fram returned from Antarctica. This cover is the only one known that has been in Antarctica from the Amundsen expedition.

17-18 November 2017Kjell Germeten International Auctions A/S, Oslo

Website: http://www.germeten.no/frimerkeauksjon-htm/om-oss-eng.aspx

The late Fred Goldberg’s Collection of Spitsbergen and Arctic Expeditions will form part of this auction. For the online catalogue please consult the above website from about a month before the auction. Two of the items (lot numbers known yet known) are shown in colour in the middle of Page 83 of the September issue of Polar Post.

The left-hand cover from the Maud Expedition is one of the special covers which were made for dignitaries helping Amundsen. He had a special “Amundsen North Polar Expedition Air Mail” label on which the regular postage stamps were affixed. The covers also had a one line “Maudexpeditionen” cachet and a green North Star Air Post cachet in which information was filled in. This cover is signed by Roald Amundsen, US President Warren Harding and Postmaster General Hubert Work.

The right-hand cover is from Spitsbergen/Svalbard. It bears the Kings Bay, Ny-Ålesund Post Office, Cancellation Type 1. 4-ring cancel no 742 was used during a short period from mid-October 1918 to mid-May 1919 when the post office received a Kings Bay cancellation of Schweizer-type. The cover is also cacheted Kings Bay Spitsbergen on the stamps and was sent from the office manager of the mining company Otto Eide in Kings Bay to his brother in Bergen. The same cancel no 742 was also temporarily used during September 1918 at Östervaag-Björnöy. This is the only known cover with this type 1 cancellation.

Saturday 28th October 2017 – Nordia Polar Meeting:

The joint Polar (and Falklands) meeting at Nordia will take place as follows:

Place: Vejle Center Hotel (which is adjacent to the exhibition hall), see attached map, just south of "DGI Huset" is "Vejle Center" and a bed symbol.

Time: 13.30-16.30 (1.30pm-4.30pm)

Exact venue: One of the meeting rooms in the hotel, exact room not known yet, space for up to 30 people.


"The Four Great Norwegian Polar Explorers - Nansen, Sverdrup, Amundsen, and someone you have probably not heard of ....." (Steve Allen)

"South Georgia Postal History 1904-1945" (Hugh Osborne)

"Antarctic Mail from the Heroic Era, when Ships were made of Wood and Men of Steel" (Fred Goldberg's collection presented by Stefan Heijtz)

"Mawson's two Expeditions" (Graham Englefield)

This event is now part of the official program for Nordia and is included in Exhibition Bulletin no.2.


 Friday 27 October 2017 – Nordia Polar Dinner:

Place: Restaurant Flammen, Sjaellandsgade 19, Vejle

Time: 7.30 pm (until 11 pm at the latest)

Description: For members of the society who are attending Nordia all are welcome to attend the Polar Dinner on Friday 27th October. This is a restaurant with one speciality – their high quality grill buffet. They have 15 kinds of meat on the grill, 50 varieties in the salad bar including 10 warm dishes and fresh bread, as well as a couple of starters (as if you would need that!), and you can eat as much as you want, and return for more as many times as you wish. Vegetarian or non-meat options are available – there are alternatives on the menu. For more details see their website (in English):


Saturday 18th February 2017: The Society AGM for the year ending 31st December 2016 will be held on the Saturday of Spring Stampex at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London, England. We have now received confirmation of room availability and the PPHSGB has been allocated Room “B” from 10:00am to Noon on Saturday 18th February 2017.

 3rd January 2017: The Society’s Auction Manager has resigned. Thus postal and live auctions are currently suspended. Please do not send in lots at present. Please see also the “Society Auctions” page.

3rd January 2017: New stamp issues of the Falkland Islands, South Georgia & SSI and The British Antarctic Territory will no longer be systematically notified and shown here. Full information on all new issues of these countries is available at:

http://www.pobjoystamps.com/ and  http://www.falklandstamps.com/ .

PPHSGB Members should PLEASE note: The AGM on 21st February 2015 decided that, in the light of continuing increases in postage rates for Polar Post, the Membership fee for the PPHSGB from 1st January 2016 is increased to £20 for UK members and £25 for the Rest of the World (all destinations for which the Internal UK postage rates 1st and 2nd class do not apply).

ALL members paying by Standing Order from a UK Bank account are requested please to change their standing orders ASAP.

30th September, 1st and 2nd October 2016: the PPHSGB will be holding a further Residential Weekend in or close to Cambridge. Further details will be available to members in the March 2016 Polar Post.

Until 18th June 2016: The Scott Polar Research Institute Museum has a Display currently running relating to the Shackleton 1914-17 Expedition. For further details please go to:


9th March 2016 (not before 2pm): Cavendish Auctions, Derby UK: The Martin Evans Collection & Library: Martin was for many years Treasurer of the PPHSGB but this auction contains only a few lots of interest to Polar Collectors. Attention is directed to lots 500 to 509 and Lots 885 & 886. The catalogue is available at: http://www.cavendish-auctions.com/

4th March 2016: Argyll Etkin Auction - The Auction catalogue will be available on the following website from around 4th February 2016 http://www.argyll-etkin.com/ : This Worldwide stamp and Postal History Auction includes two lots which may be of interest to members. Lot 217 comprises three postally used Entire letters written from the South Shetland Islands in 1820 and 1821, the three earliest recorded letters from the Antarctic Continent. They were written by Capt. Charles Winship of the Sealing Ship O’Cain of Boston to his father Abiel Winship, a merchant in Boston, Massachusetts. One is from New South Shetland Clothiers Harbour and two are from Potters Cove Livingston Island. Lot 396 is a very fine Falkland Island Dependencies King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II Stamp Collection with a most comprehensive study of the varieties.

23rd February 2016 at 9am: 33rd Christoph Gärtner Auction – Session Thematics/Overseas: Lots 3003 to 3056, 5047, 5048, 5048A and 5048B relate to classic Antarctic covers and postcards with the emphasis on the Swedish South Polar Expedition 1901-1904 and the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition 1902-1904. There are also lots from other expeditions including Lot 3034 which is a postcard from the French Antarctic Expedition 1908-1910 bearing the rare “Pourquoi Pas? Label (start €15000). Lot 3037 (start €7000) is a German South Polar Expedition card with the hand stamp “Paid at South Georgia” tying the Expedition label to the card. Full details can be found at: www.auktionen-Gaertner.de  Please note that the auction location is: Steinbeisstrasse 6+8, 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany.



Saturday 20th February 2016: The PPHSGB Annual General Meeting: The Meeting will take place in Room B, from 10am to 12 noon at Spring Stampex, the Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, London, England - N1 0QH. Please note the early starting time.

13th January 2016: New Issue – the Falkland Islands – Birds of Prey: The set of six stamps is illustrated below. Full details of the issue are available at:

 http://www.pobjoystamps.com/   You can buy the issue at: http://www.falklandstamps.com


7th January 2016: New Issue - The United Kingdom (Royal Mail) - Shackleton: The set of 8 stamps, comprising 4 se-tenant pairs, is illustrated below. The stamps, printed in grey-tone, are based on photographs taken by Frank Hurley. The designs are - 1st class: Entering the Antarctic Ice - December 1914 and Endurance frozen in pack ice - January 1915; £1.00: Striving to free Endurance - February 1915 and Trapped in a pressure crack - October 1915; £1.33: Patience Camp - December 1915 to April 1916 and safe arrival at Elephant island - April 1916; £1.52: Setting out for South Georgia - April 1916 and Rescue of Endurance Crew - August 1916.


2nd January 2016 and 3rd December 2015: New Issues - French Southern and Antarctic Territories (TAAF): The issue of 3rd December 2015 on the occasion of MonacoPhil 2015 comprised a stamp booklet with 7 stamps at €1.24 relating to the Fishing Vessels Croix du Sud I; Albius; Saint-André; Mascareignes III; Ile de la Réunion; Cap Horn I; Ile Bourbon.

The annual issues of 2nd January 2016 relate to: Sphène (minéral) (se-tenant pair) 0,80€ + 0,20€; Jean Volot 1,35€; Goélette “Le Rêve” (Saint-Paul et Amsterdam)2,80€; Poissons de Terre Adélie MS with 4 stamps 0,80€ x 2 + 1,05€ + 1,35€; Navire la Valvidia 1,24€ ;Serge Frolow (Tromelin) 0,80€; Avion du Discovery, Survols des Îles Kerguelen MS with 2 stamps 0.80€ + 0.44€; Insecte de l’île de la Possession (Crozet) 0,80€; Les diatomées  2,80€ ; Pointe d’Entrecasteaux (Amsterdam) 1,05€; Auberge du Cormoran Vert (Kerguelen) 0,80€ + 1,24€ + 1,35€; Cascade Lozère (Kerguelen) 0,50€; Oiseaux des T.A.A.F. MS with 4 stamps 1,05€ + 0,70€ + 0,80€ + 1,45€.



1st January 2016: Falkland Islands and British Antarctic Territory (BAT) postage rates: Postage Rates will increase from 1st January 2016. The complete Postage Rate Tables are available at:


Please note the different Rates for South Georgia & SSI

21st December 2015 - New Issue - South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands - Biodiversity: The set of six stamps is illustrated below. Full details of the issue are available at:


You can buy the issue at: http://www.falklandstamps.com


9th December 2015: New Issue – The Falkland Islands – Clouds: The set of four stamps is illustrated below. Full details of the issue are available at:

 http://www.pobjoystamps.com/   You can buy the issue at: http://www.falklandstamps.com


3rd December 2015: New Issue - Monaco - The Arctic Campaigns of Prince Albert 1st of Monaco: The souvenir sheet was issued on the Occasion of MonacoPhil 2015.


30th November 2015 - New issue - The Falkland Islands - 20th Anniversary of the Elephant Seal Research Group: Full details of the issue are available at: http://www.pobjoystamps.com/


26th November 2015: The Mawson's Huts Foundation has an Expedition departing Hobart for Cape Denison on 26th November on board the L'Astrolabe. Over 500 covers for the Foundation have been prepared to be cancelled at Cape Denison with the FDI and Everyday postmarks.

17th November 2015 – BAT New Issues 2015: There are three issues, Centenary of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition Part III, British historic Huts and whales. They were issued during the visit of RRS James Clark Ross to Signy in November. Full details of the issues are available at: http://www.pobjoystamps.com/




5th November 2015 – New Issue – Ross Dependency - the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition: The six stamps have been issued both as sheet stamps and as two souvenir sheets of 3 stamps as illustrated below. For further details please go to:




5th November 2015 - TAAF New Issue - Terre Adélie - Sentinelle du climat: This souvenir sheet was unexpectedly issued during the “Salon philatélique d’Autumne de Porte de Champerret”. It relates to “guarding against climate change”.


4th October and 5th November 2015 – TAAF – New Issues - 20 Years of Marion Dufresne: TAAF has issued two stamps to celebrate the event. A 0.80€ stamp was issued on 4th October 2015 to mark the “Open Day” of the ship at Le Port, Réunion. A 1.35€ stamp was issued on the occasion of the “Salon philatélique d’Autumne de Porte de Champerret” on 5th November 2015.


23rd October 2015 - New Issue: Bulgaria - Polar Explorers: The issue comprises two souvenir sheets, one perforated and the other imperforate. Both include two stamps showing respectively the US American Robert Peary who reached the North Pole on 6th April 1909 and the Norwegian Roald Amundsen who was the first person to lead an Expedition to the Geographical South Pole arriving on 14th December 1911.


2nd October 2015 - Falkland Islands Philatelic Bureau (FIPB) Website back online: The FIPB is back under a different name FPS/Philatelic Sales with a much improved website for ordering stamps, FDCs etc. of The Falkland Islands, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, and British Antarctic Territory. Please note the NEW URL.


18th September – TAAF – New Issue - “Les Oubliés de l’île Saint-Paul” (Février - Décembre 1930): Some details of the event commemorated by this stamp can be found in English at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%8Ele_Saint-Paul


9th September 2015 – New Issue - Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT) - The Dogs that saved Macquarie Island: For further information go to the download of the Australia Post Stamp Bulletin, September 2015, pages 6 and 7.



9th September 2015 - New Issues - the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands and the British Antarctic Territory - Britain’s Longest Reigning Monarch: A large number of countries issued stamps on this occasion when HRM Queen Elizabeth II exceeded the record held by HRM Queen Victoria as Britain’s Longest Reigning Monarch. Most of the stamps include images relating to the territory concerned. Further details are available at: http://www.pobjoystamps.com/




2015 – Further New Issues – Dates of Issue not known: The following new issues have been reported on the Public Facebook Group “Antarctica & Arctica stamps - Polar Philately”. Unfortunately the dates of issue were not given. Republic of Togo: Various Species of Penguin; Republic of Guinea, and Sierra Leone:  Centenary of the Endurance Expedition (1914-1916).


3rd September 2015 – New Issue – Monaco – MonacoPhil 2015: The Monaco post office has issued a stamp to mark the Exhibition. 50,000 stamps were offset printed in sheets of 10; Design: Créaphil; Stamp Size: 40.85 x 30 mm.


21st August 2015 – New Issue – Falkland Islands – Magellan Penguins, Penguins Predators and Prey, Part 4: Further information will be available in due course at: http://www.pobjoystamps.com/

Those on Facebook can refer to the “FPS Limited” Facebook Page (public).


6th August 2015 - New Issue - Canada - Discovery of the Wreck of HMS Erebus:  For further details of this issue please refer to:




14th July 2015 – New Issue – TAAF – 60th Anniversary of TAAF: TAAF has issued a se-tenant strip of three 80c stamps. From left to right the stamps represent the three major geographical regions of TAAF, Les Îles Éparses, Crozet, Kerguelen and St Paul & Amsterdam and Terre Adélie. Each of the three geographical areas also had a special first day postmark.


4th July 2015 (Saturday) – MIDPEX, the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre, The Fosse, Fosse Way (B4455), Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV31 1XN, England - The PPHSGB and the FIPSG will have Stands. https://midpex.wordpress.com/

21st June 2015 – New Issue – South Georgia & SSI – Viola/Dias, Last of the British Steam Trawlers:  Dias ended her life as a sealer at South Georgia and is now drawn up on the beach at Grytviken. For further details of the Stamp issue please go to:



15th June 2015 (Expected) – New Issue – The Falkland Islands – 800th Anniversary of the Sealing of the Magna Carta: An omnibus issue involving Ascension Island, The Bahamas, The British Virgin Islands, The Falkland Islands and Tristan da Cunha has been announced with stamp illustrations but without any details. Here are the Falkland Islands’ stamps.


13th June 2015 (Saturday): SWINPEX  St Joseph’s Catholic College, Ocotal Way (A313), Swindon, SN3 3LR, England - Joint PPHSGB/FIPSG Meeting 1:30pm.

26th May 2015 – New Issue – AAT – Colours of the Australian Antarctic Territory: This issue has been announced in the Australia Post Stamp Bulletin, May/June 2015 which contains all the details of the issue on pages 8 & 9.


Please note that this website is dreadfully slow to react and for downloads of publications in Europe.


13th May 2015, 12.45pm (Wednesday): Joint Meeting with the FIPSG at London 2015 Europhilex, The Business Design Centre, Islington, London, England.

12th May 2015 – New Issue – The Falkland Islands – Colour in Nature, Part IV: Details of the issue are available at:



March/April 2015 – New Issues – TAAF out of Programme Issues: There were three issues as illustrated below. The values 0.01€ to 0,04€ have the year 2015 printed on them, thus distinguishing them from previous issues of these stamps. Sadly if you do not understand French, the following link will not be of much use to you for further details: http://philatelie.polaire.free.fr/


9th March 2015 - New Issues - Argentina - “Operación 90” and “Antarctopelta oliveroi 1986”: My Spanish is not great but I found background information to these issues in English at:



It is possible that these Wikipedia articles are available in other languages, e.g. Spanish.


21st February 2015 (Saturday)The PPHSGB Annual General Meeting and Spring Meeting will be held from 12.30pm to 2.30pm in a Meeting Room at Spring Stampex, The Business Design Centre, Islington, London. The room will not be known in advance of the day and thus you will need to check details at the information desk. For further details members should go to Polar Post, December 2014, Pages 83 (location Map) and 85 (AGM Agenda). Non-Members are welcome to attend but may not vote at the AGM.

11th February 2015 – New Issue – The Falkland Islands – Birds & Young: The first F.I. issue of the year has been announced and the set of four is illustrated below. The details of the issue will appear at:



30th January 2015 - New Issue - South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands – Albatrosses: The set of four stamps is illustrated below. The details of the issue are available at: http://www.pobjoystamps.com/


5th January 2015 - New Definitive Stamp Issue - South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands - Ships, Scientists and Explorers: The Shackleton definitive issue has now been replaced but fear not, the set of 12 includes a 10p value showing Shackleton and the Endurance. The stamps are illustrated below and the details are available at: http://www.pobjoystamps.com/


2nd January 2015 – New Issues – TAAF – Various: The illustrations below depict the Annual TAAF new issues for 2015  as follows: Beryl (mineral) 0.66 € + 0.34 €; Robert Guillard 1.05 € + 0.66 €; Antarctic Tern 4.30 €; Le Radioleine (ship) 2.40 €; Krill Programme 0.66 €; Insects of l’île de la Possession (Crozet) 0.66 € + 2.00 €; New Colonies of Emperor Penguins 1.00 €; Remains of a Decauville light railway (Juan de Nova) 0.66 €; Leopard Seal (Terre Adélie) 1.05 €.


There are also two souvenir sheets: Fish of Terre Adélie 0.66 € x 2 + 1.05 € + 1.55 € and Snowmobiles in Terre Adélie 0.66 € + 1.05 €.



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